About Anavadya and The Houghton House

The Houghton House is the result of a group of like-minded people seeking deeper meaning and truth in daily life. We host ongoing groups, seasonal workshops, and Special Events with Guest Speakers.

Anavadya is the Director of the Houghton House where she has developed an approach to individual and relationship healing and transformation that is really quite basic and available to anyone willing to invest time and energy: By engaging in honest and direct connection with Anavadya, you begin to recognize and eventually grow confident in awareness.

As awareness deepens, attachments to belief systems, identities and projections are dismantled, problematic situations and circumstances decrease and eventually dissolve completely.

With greater focus and enthusiasm you are able to move your energy into creating positive and meaningful relationships and work. You are no longer focused on your problems but instead, offer your gifts and talents to the world.

A depth of meaning and satisfaction is seated within you. Your open-heartedness and inherent wisdom grows more obvious.