From Infidelity to High Fidelity


An affair is like an atomic bomb to the relationship. The pain, anger, mistrust and overall fallout can be overwhelming to everyone involved.  It shakes you up to the core and leaves you feeling in shock. For the person who has been cheated on, its a heartache and devastation of ineffable proportions.  To the person who has cheated, the guilt and shame can be equally destabilizing.  Your world is turned upside down and the relationship seems without possibilities.  All at once everything has changed.  
An Affair is a call to WAKE UP.  A call to begin a journey of self awareness and awareness of other.  A call to look deeper at the underneath material, the unconscious operating systems, that which operates beneath the surface of your relating.  Although it may be difficult to hear while in the storm of afflictive thoughts and emotions, an affair is a sign, a red flag, a pop up that informs you to be alert.  There is more to the situation than meets the eye.  Both partners must open their eyes wide and look closely at what is really going on in the relationship.  Explore, openly and honestly and lovingly what is going on.  This is when and where we discover the light beneath the rubble and wreckage.  
You and your partner have the opportunity to start fresh and re-new your relationship in a radical and meaningful way.  When both partners take inventory and responsibility for the relationship, unlimited possibilities present themselves in unimagined ways.    By practicing honesty, openness and willingness, the mostly dead relationship is resuscitated.  Brought back to life from the unconscious acting out and repression that lead to the affair in the first place, the marriage comes alive.  The details of your daily life as a couple become enriched.  All at once everything has changed.

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