A Practical Approach

My approach to individual sessions is really quite basic: We engage in honest and direct dialogue about life, work, and relationships.

During sessions we recognize the habitual thoughts and feelings that create difficult situations and unsatisfying relationships.  

As awareness deepens, deleterious belief systems are identified and dismantled, problematic situations and circumstances decrease and eventually dissolve completely.  

With greater focus and enthusiasm your energy goes into creating positive and meaningful relationships and work.  You are no longer focused on your problems but instead offer your gifts and talents to the world.

A depth of meaning and satisfaction is seated within your being as greater compassion and knowingness grows more obvious.

"It’s been one eye opening session after another. Every time I talk to Anavadya I learn something new about myself. I look forward to my sessions, and when I’m in a relationship I will bring my partner as well. thank-you Anavadya." L.

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