Working with Couples

Of all the millions of people on this planet the fact that you and your partner come together in an intimate relationship is really quite amazing; a connection of the highest value and greatest possibilities.  To realize this truth requires a shift in perspective, opening to the deeper levels of you, and connecting to your goodness of heart.  Intimate relationships provide a fertile ground or a mirror so that you can see more of what you are. 

My approach to facilitation your deepening and opening is basic: Through honest and direct dialogue both partners examine and understand the patterns of behavior that cause discord, unhappiness and lack of intimacy in the relationship.

Together, partners develop self awareness and begin to outshine deep-seated fears and limiting points of view. By sharing open heartedly, both individuals become more present-minded and available to the relate in ways that are most beneficial to the relationship and world at large.

In time the partners experience a greater love, acceptance, understanding, joy and knowingness. The marriage becomes a rich tapestry of spiritual and worldly experiences.

When individuals are willing to invest the time and energy into co-creating a meaningful relationship, the result is an extraordinary, passionate and creative lovers journey.

"I asked a friend to refer me to a divorce lawyer. Instead she said, ‘I would do so, but only if you first meet with a professional counselor’. I met with Anavadya to see if my “unsalvageable marriage” could indeed be salvaged. I am happy to say my husband are I are now happily married and more connected than ever ~ My husband and I have benefited from Anavadya’s counsel, and would recommend her to other couples who are struggling." J.

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