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A NEW YOU – (Past Event)

September 21, 2019

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 21. 2019 12pm – 6pm
Sunday, SEPTMEBER 22. 2019 11am- 5pm

This Workshop is for anyone wanting to move deeper, higher and wider in all areas of life. Before the sun shines there is darkness, before the rainbow appears there is rain, before there is a NEW You there is the undoing of what is old and burdensome. This workshop is designed for you to clear whatever is holding you back so that you can move forward with all the colors of your unique rainbow.

Engage in meditation, writing and enlivened conversation to help you see what’s what. Awareness is the agency for change. This workshop will awaken greater, higher and deeper movements of awareness.

Discover how to take down the walls you built, erase the fear that fills your heart, and stop the fight over nothing.
Learn what it takes to reach the hightest light and the deepest of purpose.