Anavadya, m.s.w.

Anavadya is an established Marriage and Relationship Counselor, Life Coach, Natural Healer, and Intuitive Guide. She is the director of The Houghton House, a community-oriented platform designed to empower people in awareness, positive relationships, and a meaning filled life. She meets with individuals and couples in both private and weekly group sessions. Additional, Anavadya facilitates Seasonal Workshops on topics such as Archetypal Energies, Overcoming Habitual Patterns, Sexuality, Money, and Meditation. Anavadya uses her learned wisdom, direct knowledge and natural talents to open people to their fullest consciousness and deeper levels of being-ness. Her unique approach to individual and relationship transformation is practical, effective and beneficial.

Anavadya’s philosophy integrates western and eastern teachings while her deepest wisdom and talent comes from within. Anavadya warmly welcomes everyone into an honest exploration and investigation into solutions to the obstacles that hinder happiness, peace of mind, and meaning. Developing greater awareness of each person’s individual belief structures, Anavadya guides her students towards outshining outdated patterns in order to move forward towards a brighter future.

Anavadya has formally studied at New York University, Antioch University, and The University of Washington’s School of Social Work. Her education includes Tibetan studies in the Himalayas, transmissions and empowerments from enlightened masters, and ongoing inquiries into all levels of consciousness. She is warmly educated by her own childhood, as well as being a Mother to two lovely adult-children. It is however her all-encompassing journey with a cherished husband that inspires her life, work and purpose.